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20 June 2008 @ 10:41 pm
The key to my door  
I'm back like finally yeah.
I guess I'd be more comfortable writing here about the HA camp cause Coach E had found my blogger url. 
See, I'm not even typing their names out so it'll be more difficult for them to find me.
If coach, you are reading this, I've got to salute to you, how on earth do you find this linky? GAH! 
Don't mind, leave a comment(:

Okay, so I've learnt to summarize notes today. And, I'll practice it here with all summarized (GAMES esp).

Day 1
Played entangle and building of cards. Entangle was fun, i had my back aching after that.
Most importantly, Debs and Adrian is a good leader. The rest just stood there and follow instructions, especially me and feli, such slackers. LOL
With so many guys in the group, felt kinda awkward with some position. But overall, we did well lah!

Had lots of breaks. UNLOAD & RELOAD. And Biskuits stuffed into mouths, we're all like hungry ghost.
Some got back late after the break and had to forfeit.
(No worries, DEBS had many interesting videos to entertain)
Lunch is nice, the nasi lemak had everything i liked.

Then we had some theory stuffs to do. Jot down WORDS.
I am still enduring sucess, build foundation, trying to overcome my fear, set my goals/dream, manage my time.
After everything, went greenridge to find dingdong as he seems troubled.
It's been a long time since we last contact. Talking about it is easy, but when it comes to action?..

Motto from coach: Giving up something small in the present, you will loss something bigger in the future.

Day 2
I've another DISC, AVK & brain test. Everything changed compared to the results i had last year.
I used to be a (C)/S, Visual learner and right brain but not now anymore.
I'm a (S)/C, Audio learner, and uses my left & right brain. Balanced eh(:
But why S now? Aww.. after talking to vicky, erwin and debs. I know I really am S, the 3 of them are so talkative. No, should say, HIGH I personality.

We had specific gender groups. I'm group 5.

Continue.. so we had games, so called the REVENGE game... slapping someone next to you when their names are called. We had group work too.

Had lunch, curry chicken rice(damn) and went greenridge with 2N3'06.

Learnt: How diff person have diff study styles, study group.

Day 3
Coach J kept calling me superman today. We communicate through superman languages.
Everything about superman.
Had fun games in the morning. Had card games, putting the card you received on your forehead which you shouldn't see. Those with 5 smallest card will have to forfeit. Gah, azhar was damn funny. SpongeBob-Inspired games(very rough) soon after. We kept pushing around, I'm so wild for the first time. Pulling and pushing people and shouting around trying to be one of those survival. DAMN FUN!!!
Okay, forfeit after that, chicken dance. Gurjeet had a solo sexy dance.
I swear, damn funny, he came out of nowhere.

Next, is to build a bridge with 2 chairs apart. Each group were given 1 big piece of newspaper & 4 paper clips. We are supposed to make a bridge across the chairs and put shoes on the bridge. No one had any idea how to do it at 1st. How can such a thin piece of newspaper support so many shoes?
I saw Jac from next group folding papers. Then an idea struck me.

I told vicky,feli & debs to tear the paper into half then fold(ruler shape) them and secure them parallel with the chair. It worked, we had around 25 shoes at 1st, we're the 1st and only group to do it, we still have about 15mins left. Debs even tried to stuff Jannah's shoe into Coach J's shoe. But we kept on adding weight, lending shoes from others thus, till the end, the paper was torn and everything collasped.
Jeet's group then copied our idea, using the same method. BOO!
As time is gonna be up, we quickly had our 2nd, then 3rd try. Anyway, we had 20 shoes on the bridge okay!! Amazing, the tallest, and most shoes in the room.

Fun and smelly game, i swear. Vicky smelt my shoe and said, whose shoe? Then she put it right infront of Coach E's nose! Both said, omg damn smelly!
Coach E pointed at me and say yours right?
I was stunned:/ He can even recognise shoes ah? AMAZING!!

Had lunch and went to playground for some small exercise with debs, feli and QH.

Got back, we had a group work, learning cornell note-taking. It was tough, our group drop dead. So Coach asked us to do it individually, after doing it myself, i find it still okay. Just that I'd prefer detailed notes, so I'm not gonna use the method to take notes unless ss/geog.

After that, had boy vs girl challenge. We, girls divide ourselves into group to find details of diff places. So Vicky and I went down to the canteen to count chairs, tables, benches, light, fans, bins, taps and all. She was the one going around, counting it while i kept jotting them down. She had a motor mouth. machine gun!!
Had lots of fun crapping with her. We even lied to the boys that we count the tiles on the floor. 1200 tiles. Which is i think there's 12000tiles in fact.

Rushed back to AVA room to write them on mahjong papers. Girls WON, the paper was full!

Lastly, we learnt the 1 hour study cycle, tips to remember things, ideal studying environment and plans before exams.
Had a small voice out session.
Vicky, you rule man! I know everything is from the bottom of your heart, am really touched also. Lastly, 15mins test then byebye coaches.

I'll have to reflect on what Coach E had said. Thanks Coaches, We've really enjoyed this 3days. I don't feel tired in the 9hrs/day camp, seriously.

I'm gonna miss Coach E's joke. ALOT! All the games and crap of Coach, Vicky, Jeet and guys.

Azhar's motto:
I will Cherish yesterday,
Dream tomorrow, and
Live today

I didn't expect him to come out with such phrases. Really stunned and interesting, REALLY pierced through my heart(+)! 
What a clever dog i have. 
Coach says we should get a study group with all DISC students. So Debs and I were planning of out next study trip, Vicky and Erwin sounds interested. And i said sarcasticly, " The 3 of you are I student, sure talk non-stop one. Study group or talking group?".
vanityrunwayvanityrunway on June 22nd, 2008 12:31 pm (UTC)
LOL, slacker...
Absolute boyfriend 9 up already not ?